Reuniting Fathers With Their Alienated Kids

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Have you lost contact with your son or daughter?

This may have been due to parental alienation, divorce, or a sequence of life events.

Whatever separated you from them, you are not alone.

100k Fathers brings you together with men who have experienced broken relationships and lost contact with their kids due to divorce, parental alienation, or a sequence of life events. We are connecting fathers on the same path, sharing valuable stories, wisdom, and ideas within this exclusive community supporting each other.  

Your journey will realize your full potential man and to become the father figure your children will want to reunite with.

Our mission is to reunite 100,000 fathers with their kids.

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Why You Should Join Us

This is a community of fathers supporting each other through parental alienation and estrangement from their kids. Join us and our movement of fathers to help support and guide fathers out of the darkness. Come and experience the power of the combined wisdom of the fathers within the platform and in the regular group calls where they share their stories and hold each other accountable.  

This is a private community with no time-wasting adverts and accessible on your desktop and mobile.

"Finding 100k fathers has helped get me through one of the darkest most unexpected tragedies a father will ever face that being having his children removed. The support, wisdom, and experience shared in this group has enlightened and guided me to a more positive and hopeful place that someday things will turn around and when they do I will be ready" Tyler S

What You Should Expect From 100k Fathers

  • Gain access to exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else. 

  • Private weekly group calls where you get to hear and speak to other fathers going through parental alienation and estrangement from their kids.

  • Meet fathers who share your same pain, interests, do the same things, or care about the same topics.

  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about your journey to reconnect with your kids.

  • Swap stories, experiences, and learn from successes and failures around reuniting with our kids. 

  • Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and experienced, real-life perspective from fathers further along their journey each and every day.

  • Through the tools and access to the shared resources, you could over time turn your life around into an upward spiral becoming a stronger man and ultimately a more resilient and wiser father.

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Join Us Now

If you resonate with what we stand for and have to offer you, I would like to invite you to join our 100k Fathers community to help support you on your path back to your kids.

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Father, Grandfather, and Advisor to 100k Fathers


Gwyn Jones

Entering the autumn of my life I am realizing the need to develop a different relationship with those around me.  I’ve tasted success and failure too many times to count and I’ve acquired a lot of insights, experience, and wisdom along the way. Keeping this to myself would be like hoarding treasure – pointless!  It must flow to the younger generations whose task it is to create a sustainable way of living in harmony with nature, and quickly. So I’m learning to be an elder, open to invitations from those younger than me to pass on the wisdom I’ve accumulated on subjects of their choosing, at times of their choosing.  And then stepping back to allow them to choose their pathway forward; one which no one has trodden before. As well as being a Director at the Association of Sustainability Practitioners I’m a guest lecturer at several universities and business schools in Global Sustainability and Social Enterprise and Co-Founder of BUSEF – Bournemouth University Social Entrepreneurs Forum and the 100k Fathers advisory board. But maybe most fundamentally I’m a father and grandfather, husband and brother, and apprentice elder.

Father, Grandfather, and Advisor to 100k Fathers

Layne Hamerston

Three and a half years ago, my life had plummeted to a place, stood empty on a riverbank, 3 AM on a freezing and dark November morning, ready to call it a day after a train wreck of a failed marriage, divorce, separation from kids, collapsed business and home on the verge of repossession. It had been a 20-year roller-coaster of success and self-sabotage!  In that life-changing moment, even though I felt I had nothing left to live for, two things turned me round, thinking of my kids... and instead of calling it a day, I reached out and called a 'brother' from my men's support group. Those thoughts and decisions, and the subsequent self enquiry and drive to understand what makes me tick, and trip, has led me to a far richer relationship with myself, my kids, and others, a passion for nature, and new purposeful and heart-led future supporting my fellow man, wherever I can, however, I can... to discover and explore a better future life of their choosing, just as I was helped when I needed it most.

I am a proud 56-year-old father of three sons (28, 21, 15) and a daughter (19), and have recently become a grandfather of two. I live in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. I have been a social entrepreneur in health, fitness, and wellbeing for 25 years, currently hold a position at Bournemouth University, and am an active personal trainer, hypnotherapist, and Shinrin Yuko practitioner.

I have been truly inspired by Garry's passion and mission, and am honored to be supporting 100k fathers, and the fathers it serves.

Founded By A Father: I Share My Story Reuniting With My Sons


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